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The Senior Experience for the Class of 2018



The Mini Experience  $60

This is a 1/2 hour experience. You know how good you

are - let's keep this

simple - one outfit, throw in a letter-jacket, some cool pictures

and bam! Mom and Dad are happy and you get to go play.


The Black Label Experience  $125

This is a 1 1/4 hour session with 3 looks.  Let’s take

this to another level.

The perfect experience to capture 

 classic street photography and colorful green landscapes.

Be creative - do sports stuff, add a car or pet. 


 Inspire Me Experience  $200


Our favorite session for seniors. This includes

2 hours 

of creative and fun photography. Choose up

to 5 looks - use your 

own style to create unique images just for you.

We'll dance around the town and find perfect backdrops

to match your look.

Lots of time, so think out of the box!  What do you

want say and

how should we tell your story? 

 Because of the amount of time involved

in this experience 

our studio will ask for a minimum $750 order.


The Urban Shoot  $300 


Taking this downtown for hip settings, crazy alleys,

grunge streets and colorful psychedelic wall art! 

Plan on 3 looks - Saturday or Sunday Only.



Viewing your amazing pictures!

 We offer "!st reveal" viewings at our beautiful downtown

Parker office at 10964 South Pikes Peak Drive.

Depending on your session we set 1 hour to 2 hour viewing times.

Please come prepared to make selections at this time. 

Most importantly have all the decision makers at this viewing.

If you need a second viewing we can offer that to you,

however there is a a non-refundable $75 charge for a second viewing.

All summer specials are valid only when the order is placed

within 30 days of your session.